samedi 27 août 2011

Église Adventiste du 7e jour de Smíchov, Prague, République tchèque

Sbor Církve adventistů sedmého dne Praha Smíchov,  Česko 


Sbor Církve adventistů sedmého dne Praha Smíchov
Peroutkova 57
Praha 5
150 00
9h30 - 11h45 (Ecole du sabbat - Culte divin)
Service en tchèque.

Site Internet : Praha Smíchov

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Anonyme a dit…

Good morning brothers and sisters
We are a brother and a sister Natasha and Daniel,
from an adventiste church in Guadeloupe . We would like tout attend the european health conference held in Prague from the 29/04/13 to the 05/05/13. We would be so grateful if an advantiste home could accomodate us during this periode . Please let us know if it 's possible . You could send us an email to the following adress :
Have a nice day. God bless you all .